Saturday, January 18, 2014

Last Major Section: Installing the House Sides

The proud designer/owner in what will be the cabin space, standing next to the main door from the cockpit, before the installation of the cabin side panels.

Looking from the cockpit side, at the newly installed accommodation space side panels, before cutting in the windows. The door frame will also be raised and arched to match the top of the cabin. 

Master Boat Builder Brad Rice takes a break against the perfectly-pitched-for-a-backrest transom. A removable sun pad will make a comfortable lounging platform in this location. The sole surface is yet to be installed over the frames. 

This portion of the boat will detach to form a (very odd shaped) dingy. 

Elegant curve at the aft house-side. 

You can see the half-round hinge point along the combing that will take a bronze reinforcing plate and bolt and will allow the aft section to fold forward over the cabin.

Each section of the boat is water tight, which you can see here. The folding bow sections are separated to facilitate installation of the bronze hinges that will allow the bow sections to fold back without compromising the water-tight integrity of the boat sections.

Two water-tight bow sections which will contain hatches for anchor and fender storage. Each weights approximately 250 lbs. and will hinge and fold aft against the main cabin module, for storage or shipping. 

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