Sunday, January 26, 2014

Folding the Bow

Cabin sides and forward section in place, preparing to install the laminated plywood roof.

Initial test of the starboard bow section in its folded  storage position.

The long slender bow section fits exactly along the main hull as intended to form a rectangle. It will fit inside a 20' shipping container, or a 20' moorage slip.

Close up of the joint between the bow section and the center accommodation section.

There will eventually be two bronze hinges between the two sections. The black clamp at the top is temporary.

Close up of the the bow section folded against the main accommodations section, showing the excellent fit.

The accommodation section curves downward, and the bow section stays horizontal, as you can see in the distance of the photo.

Accommodation section to the left, and the folded-back bow section to the right. The clamps hold them in position as we research attachment options. This is the configuration it will have when stored.

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