Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Early Efforts at Boat Design

In June 1963 at age 16, I wandered into a grocery store and came upon a copy of Yachting Magazine which cost $0.60 back then and became immediately fascinated with boats. Soon after, I built the yellow kayak pictured below. It proved less than successful, needing an outrigger to keep it from tipping over, a good lesson for me.
After visiting a naval architect I became intimidated by the amount of math involved. Architecture seemed less involved with math and still very creative. So in college that is what I took. After practicing for 20 years, not very successfully,I realized that I still loved boats and moved to Seattle Washington to be closer to the ocean and more boats.
I got a job with a very well know yacht design firm Glade Johnson Design Inc. and worked there for 17 years involved in Mega Yachts from 130 to 330 feet in length. The Frog Prince is the culmination of all those years of designing houses and boats for others. Now it was time to design my own boat.
The same long, low, slim shape as my new design. 

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